Shirts that are Fitting for a Self-Defense Enthusiast

One can never place an exact price on feeling safe. There is no limit to the kinds and amounts of threats that one can face at any given time. No greater threat exists than the threat of the unexpected lethal measure taken by another human being upon another person.  Despite living in a civilized society, the laws and social contract that appear to keep people in place doesn’t always guarantee that there won’t be one person who will, for whatever reason, inflict bodily harm upon another person.

There are various forms of martial art defenses designed to teach someone how to properly fend off an aggressor. But another more immediate option is having a firearm on one’s person, concealed and yet ready to use should the situation warrant it. The common solution to carrying is simply buying a holster that one can strap on and wear on top of a shirt underneath a thick jacket. However, I recently discovered another option.

A holster has the negative of adding bulk and space to what I’m already wearing. It can also get lost or even experience a malfunction and come loose and fall off. A worse possibility is that it prevents the ready and immediate retrieval of the firearm. Enter a form of undercover clothes, a shirt that is form fitting and yet carries a sleek pocket that is versatile enough to put a firearm inside. Instead of having to put on a shirt and then a separate holster, the shirt itself has compartments that are easily reachable. And when one is wearing a sweater or a coat jacket, the form-fitting nature of the shirt can keep the fact that one is armed a secret from bystanders. This form of clothing is also opportune for undercover workers, both private and public, who do not want others or aggressors to know that they are readily able to defend themselves.